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Mission Statement:  To make the purchasing decision in our niches a no-brainer.

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Hook and Ring Game 

About The Brand

Welcome! I can't tell you how thankful we are that you’re on our website. I’m Ryan, and I started a business. We’re a two-person show; it’s just me and my wife, Katie.

The truth is, I started this ecommerce business for selfish reasons. I wanted a future for myself and my family in which we have sufficient money and maintain sufficient free time for the things in life we want to do--when we want to do them. I imagine that you can relate to these feelings.

It’s liberating to say that here we are, doing it!

You already read our mission statement. Yet, this brand represents a lot of ideas beyond that. We are different and we want to show that. Our intention is to give you more than just a superior physical product; we want to share a feeling. 

Greatness means many things to me. Here's a big one.

Greatness is authenticity and letting go of fear. Fear is a daily conflict. Overcoming fear can be as simple as taking a risk; and doing so while being yourself becomes a beautiful feeling afterwards. 

Committing to this uncertain lifestyle was scary. I do my best to stay true to myself and push my boundaries, and it has become easier to choose to let go of fear each day.

I’m just a regular guy. We can all be authentic and let go of the fear holding us back from our dreams. Think about your life, and how you felt afterwards when you let go of fear in that moment. 

There is greatness inside all of us, and it’s al
ways a moment away. Feel it now as you finish this sentence. 

We hope that these words resonate with you. The brand is a reminder to tap into our individual greatnesses to make the world a better place to be. Imagine what the world would look like if everyone acted on their highest greatness? 


 Perhaps you will be reminded of, and feel your greatness.

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