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Assembly Instructions

Gameplay Methods



This game is great because there are so many ways to play, no method is wrong. We’ve written about three below that we think are fun. Try each of these methods to see what you like the best. Make up new methods that are even more fun for you, your family, and friends!

Method #1 -- Duel!
This requires exactly two players. The block starts in the middle of the ladder. Both players start tossing at the same time. Each time the ring latches onto the hook, that player moves the block one space on the ladder towards their opponent. The game continues until the block has been moved all the way towards one end of the ladder and then off the ladder. The winner is the player who has moved the block all the way towards their opponent and off the ladder. 


Method #2 -- Precision!
You can play this method with 4 or fewer players. The most fun person starts first. Each player takes their turn tossing the ring 5 times. Each time a player successfully latches the ring onto the hook, that’s 1 point added to their total! After 5 tries the next player goes. The maximum points someone can earn in one turn is 5 points. The first player to score 21 points is the winner. When someone tosses 5 times and reaches (or passes) the winning point total by the end of their turn, this will begin the rebuttal phase. Each other player has a chance to toss 5 times to tie or take the lead. During the rebuttal phase, add points to each player’s total like normal. After each other player has had the opportunity to toss 5 times, then the rebuttal phase is over. If no other player ties or takes the lead, then the player who reached the point total wins! If someone ties or takes the lead, then the game continues and everyone keeps playing. The new point total is 5 points higher than the current leader’s point total. The player with the most points will start tossing first after the rebuttal phase is over. 

Method #3 - Line Race!
You can play this method with 4 or fewer players. Instead of using the block and ladder, you use the colored pegs and the holes on the top surface of the foundation piece. Line up all pegs in a row on one end of the foundation piece and pick your color. At the same time, all players start tossing. The race is on! Each time a player latches the ring onto the hook, they advance their peg one hole towards the other end. Stay in your lane. The winner is the first player whose peg reaches the other end of the foundation piece and then moves off the board. 


Method # 4 - Circle Race!
This is the same method as #3, except you move the pegs in a circle next to you instead of moving the pegs in a line. Pick a grouping of 4 holes next to you and be the first to go all the way around the circle. 

Please enjoy the 5th peg we have gifted you in case one gets lost.

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