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Take my money, and use the battle-won skills earned through my sacrifices to multiply sales on your Amazon channel and make Amazon the asset you always wished it would be for your brand.

Greatness Now is the superguide 
e-commerce reseller you need.

...What's a superguide reseller?

Ok fine, twist my arm, I'll jump to the end (what's in it for you).

Then I'll return to the beginning so you can appreciate the full answer.


Your online resellers are doing the bare-minimum: they have a heartbeat and a checkbook. They are alive and have money.

The end.

That sounds like a lot of people in this world, wouldn't you agree? 

Perhaps you've worked with some of them for a long time and you consider them loyal. In truth, they've been loyal to giving you the bare-minimum this whole time.

It's not intentional most of the time, they just don't know any better. They don't have the specialized skills and experience.

And the only reason you've let it go on this long is because you didn't know it yourself either.

Enter, the guide to your brand's online journey -- the superguide online reseller.

Definition: A business who buys products at wholesale pricing from you and sells to the end customer,


(It starts out just like the bare-minimum resellers do. You remember, the ones you work with right now)

and is an expert on the Amazon channel, which opens the doors for countless growth opportunities at your disposal to choose like you're waving a magic wand:


1) Do you want to grow sales? (there are about 100 things we can talk about to help with that)

2) How about defend your brand from bad actors who will waste your time, or worse?

3) Maybe you just need the education to reduce frustration and eliminate confusion about Amazon. Easy.

4) Maybe you want someone to create and manage your entire Amazon advertising system. Do your online resellers run ads for you now?


5) Perhaps you just want to find ways to take Amazon off your plate bit by bit and free up your time for what you actually like doing.

You will receive: the information you want and need, the guidance of putting it into a plan, and the implementation of doing the plan.

Here are even more ways we can help your brand grow on Amazon


Catalog Management

A+ Content



Amazon Advertising 

Listing SEO

Brand Registry

Mobile Optimization

Reseller Monitoring

Appeals Management

Data Insights & Amazon Programs

You win, The End... 

Now, let's start from the beginning to color in this story better.

Working with Greatness Now, you'll be treated as a best what is that supposed to mean?

It means the only thing you'll receive is the unfiltered truth communicated at a 5th grader level of transparency that the e-commerce reseller space (and really the world) is lacking.

Typically, building the bonds of a best friend relationship that can result in the candid conversations that produce radical growth might take years to build up to.

We don't have that kind of time. This means my message may come across as harsh. 

Even though this might be the first time we met, I'm acting like it's the 10,000th time, and will offer tough love around the next corner if it's necessary for your best interests.

Any best friend worth their salt would agree.

There's a lot of confusion in the online reseller space. Just so we're crystal clear:

My business buys products at wholesale pricing from brands and distributors, then resells to the end customer on Amazon.

What you stand to lose

Amazon is the most untapped resource for brand awareness growth and explosive sales growth.

* More people have Amazon than basic cable
* Amazon has 300 million active users
* Amazon receives 2.3 billion visits per month 
* About 70% of American adults are members of Amazon Prime
* Over $400 billion is sold on Amazon annually
* Among all online sales in the US, Amazon has the largest market share at ~38%, over 6X larger than the 2nd largest brand by market share, Walmart at 6%

The impressive facts don't stop. Amazon is a goliath marketplace, whose scale is impossible to conceptualize, that continues to compound and swallow up the competition year by year.

One of the most beautiful things about Amazon for brands is you don't have lift a finger to find those customers. Those millions of people are making billions of searches on Amazon each month, without fail, and buying products just like what you sell.  

Any business can piggyback on the customer base and marketplace trust that was forged in the decades of struggle and obstacles that Jeff Bezos and Co. overcame, and ride the colossal Amazon wave yourself with minimal barriers to entry. It's an unbelievable resource for business's of any size to compete on level footing with the biggest brands in the world.

Bottom line, Amazon is a sales channel with growth potential that cannot be overstated, and truly the scale cannot be appreciated.

You're an intelligent representative of your brand, so I'm sure you get the point. Amazon is a goldmine of potential, a deep well of abundance, while simultaneously incredibly fraught with bad actors, cheaters, liars, frauds, leaches, and people who will waste your time.

This duality causes so many brands to ignore Amazon as a channel.

If you know anything about business, that should reek of opportunity for your brand to gain a competitive advantage where others are throwing in the towel.

You are one decision away from the transformation you've been thinking and hoping for.

Who you're missing in your corner

The fruits of Amazon don't come by accident. They don't come by having resellers who do the bare-minimum.

Seriously, if your resellers aren't in your ear and your inbox about how your brand can do better on Amazon, add that to the list of proof they are doing the bare-minimum.

Amazon is it's own beast. It is a ecosystem with it's own laws of nature with fundamental concepts of success and bleeding-edge competitive advantage tactics that are learned through masters specifically of the Amazon channel, and learned through being a brand owner who actually does all the actions that amount to the success of their products.

This cycle of learning and doing, getting kicked around and finding what works, brushing shoulders in person and tuning into webinars, reading books, consuming knowledge from e-commerce titans and having the full viewpoint of implementing the lessons into a business to validate, all strictly in the context of Amazon...this is what it takes to be an Amazon expert.

If you don't have an Amazon expert on your side, you are losing the battle on Amazon, and every day you turn away potential customers who build loyalty elsewhere, and your competition creeps farther out of your reach despite your best efforts.

You already know this to be true in all practices--greatness is in the details. If you're working with people who are not echoing this back to you, you're in the presence of bare-minimum resellers.

Now you should recognize that for you to actually achieve growth on Amazon, you need to acquire the guidance of an expert specific to the Amazon channel. 

Take a moment to reflect.

If none of your current partners have mentioned any of these topics to you, that's a red flag you're working with bare-minimum resellers.

Is your brand's standard the bare-minimum?

But how do you know who to trust?

Many brands have been plagued by "Amazon Sellers", "3P Sellers", "E-tailers" or whichever bucket term you prefer.

You might represent one of them. 

Your feelings and policies created as a result of those encounters are absolutely valid.

I respect your perspective; it's your truth which you are entitled to.

I'm not here to steamroll your truth.

But what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't say anything if I thought you needed to hear it?

What kind of best friend wouldn't try to offer a different view with their friend who they believed without a doubt they could help?

Let's have a meeting of the minds on Trust. It always starts at zero.

It can only be built at the pace to which you let me in, allow me to do something for you, take a baby step together, and you see that I've held up my end.

It's your decision alone if you are ready to trade in your negative beliefs in exchange for the beliefs that there are superguide resellers who are ready to give beyond what you thought capable of giving to you, and your future doesn't have to be your past.

Let's take a beat.


If you aren't ready to talk about anything beyond me buying product, that's fine. I can easily be a faceless reseller for you.

I just wanted you to know the upside potential.

I'll start giving you money, so you're see I'm not here to waste your time, and we can talk about it later. Fair enough?

If your brain works anything like mine, you're thinking, This sounds really nice and all, and I recognize I'm lacking a superguide reseller, and I want to partner with one, but where's the proof that you're really a qualified superguide reseller?

That's a good question. I get it, you want to protect your brand from pretenders, bad actors, and people who will waste your time.

To answer it, I'll have to talk about me.

My name's Ryan Reed, and I've been deep in the trenches as a e-commerce solopreneur for the last 4+ years building my 6-figure Private Label brand, exclusively selling on Amazon.

I still am the owner/operator of my brand, actively growing it and wearing all the hats in the business. I have stretched myself to understand each part of the business and see how they all fit together.

I stay committed to putting in that effort partly so that I can stay up to date with the bleeding edge knowledge to succeed on Amazon, so that I'm able to deliver it to my brand partners.

With that hyper relevant background, there is a lot of brand awareness acquired first hand and validated by the relationships in this industry.

You may know the feeling of spending time and energy day in and day out just to stay treading water on Amazon.

You may know the feeling of seeing your competition with much worse quality products than you get more sales.

As you know, it's the failures and lessons that lead to the wins. I started from square one, with no knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem, and over the last 4+ years eating, breathing, and sleeping all things Amazon, I've acquired skills to confidently wear all the hats in the Amazon game and become an Amazon expert.

I have specialized knowledge about the Amazon channel that your current partners flat out don't have. Amazon is it's own arena. They are generalists, who don't know anything of the bleeding edge of e-commerce on Amazon, which when properly implemented can have no-name brands outsell the behemoth household brands.

I've spent hundreds of hours learning and I'm happy to distill it to you because I want to contribute to the success of the other Amazon business owners out there, and when you win I win too. Our goals are aligned, which is crucial in business. 

Your brand is primed for an injection of immense value in the form of Amazon-centric tactical secrets.

Your brand is one relationship away from the explosive growth it deserves on Amazon.

Let's recap

Working with Greatness Now, you get the regular value of getting paid for your products, and you also get the superguide reseller value as a complimentary benefit of doing business together.

These bonus services are completely free in exchange for the right to sell your products on Amazon.

Partner with us to make more money on Amazon, take some Amazon headaches off your plate, among the other value propositions stated earlier.

Imagine for a moment, more profits in your bank account for less of your time. 

I will treat your business like my own. We will follow all your rules, such as MAP policy. We want long-term partners, not to lie to someone for a quick buck. 

Are you not moved to action yet?

There's no risk for you to get in touch. Take a few minutes to get on the calendar and let's resolve whatever's in your head. If it's not a good fit, let's both commit to move on. No hard feelings. Shouldn't you give yourself a chance for business to really be that easy? If getting in touch wasn't worth your time I'll give you a $1. Seriously, send me your Venmo. 

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